Young Venezuelan-Born Entrepreneur Finds Success In An Online Tutoring Network

Miguel Kudry is only 22 years of age but even at a young age, he has found success in an online tutoring network called HelpHub which he also co-founded.

The irony of his situation is that when he was a kid growing up in Venezuela, he has also experienced great difficulties when it comes to learning. Kudry had a difficult time meeting expectations in school. In an interview, he said that he received god-awful grades and that he had failed a lot of subjects in school. Given his situation before, Kudry could very well be his own first client.

His experience would then urge him to co-establish an online platform that aims to help students who are in the same situation he was in. Through HelpHub, students will be able to connect with many different tutors as well as find help that is based in various criteria such as subject, location and language. The tutors are allowed to set their own rates but HelpHub will charge a 15 percent commission for every transaction made.

HelpHub can be considered as a marketplace for students who are in need of academic tutoring and assistance that is not classroom based. It is a mix of Google, LinkedIn, Hangouts and eBay.

Kudry first thought of the idea while he was studying at Douglas College. He said that it was difficult for an international student because there are only a few people you are able to fully talk to every time you need help. He said he didn’t want to get involved in a traditional weekly tutorial session and that it is already too late for him anyway.

That is why he decided to make use of today’s technological innovations where a student will be able to ask one question and he or she will be answered fully.

Despite his difficulties, there is one thing where Kudry excels at and it is coding. He would spend hours on his computer learning how to code and building startups. His parents were very supportive and saw his talent as a potential even with his poor grades.

He had first started his “moneymaking” project at the young age of 14 and now his talents and perseverance had earned him a college degree and HelpHub.