Yes, It Is Cardboard Furniture

The easiest way to buy boxes for moving is to search online. Online stores that offer moving boxes usually have a catalogue where you can check the price of different cardboard boxes and other packing supplies. Orders for moving boxes can be processed on the same day to ensure that you receive the boxes with speed and convenience.

After the cardboard boxes have helped people deliver their stuff to a new apartment, they are discarded. However, aside from protecting the personal belongings while in transit, the cardboard boxes can be used as stylish furnishings. Karton, An Australian-based company has created sturdy but affordable cardboard furniture that people will be happy to have in their homes.

Yes, it is cardboard furniture because everything that Karton creates is made from cardboard. Karton has recently opened its first US location in Brooklyn. Karton understands that buying a home and furnishing it with large furniture will require a big investment. According to Nadav Baker, the US Director of Karton, they want homes to be a reflection of what people want that is why they designed the cardboard furniture for sustainability.

All of the cardboard products of Kartonare made in Berlin and guaranteed 100% recycled cardboard. Karton guarantees that recycled cardboard has a lifespan exceeding 10 years or more which is longer than the cheap furniture that is not made to last. Another advantage of cardboard furniture is the ease of disassembling and rebuilding when you are moving to a new home.

When somebody accidentally spills juice or coffee on the cardboard table, quick action and absorbent cloth will save the furniture. To prevent stains, cardboard furniture can be coated with clear acrylic lacquer. Cardboard furniture is not something new but Karton has made it more durable and attractive for living rooms, offices and bedrooms. Cardboard shelves and nightstands can be easily assembled in minutes.

Moving can be highly stressing but as long as you buy boxes for moving, packing will be more efficient and fast. Opt for the moving boxes that are durable and sturdy enough to prevent them from collapsing during transport. Cardboard boxes can be stacked one on top of the other to maximize moving van space.