Woman With Asperger Syndrome Shares Bedroom With My Little Pony Collection

Aberdeenshire, Scotland – As a child, Elaine Morris had loved My Little Pony. She even has a few collections from when she was young. But as she grew older, her love for the ponies dissipated and then she eventually lost interest in it, which is pretty common among children as they grow older.

But back in 2005, her love for the brand was reignited when she stumbled upon an online bidding of My Little Pony toys on eBay. From there, she decided she would collect My Little Pony toys once again and 9 years later, the 40-year old who has Asperger syndrome has now spent ₤20,000 on colorful model horses which has taken half of her bedroom.

Elaine said that she loves her collection so much that she even has a ₤200 budget for every month which ₤she uses to buy more items to add to her collection.

She says that the whole process is therapeutic for her and that brushing their hair is the same as petting and stroking a cat.

The reason Elaine loves her collections so much is because they do not care about her appearance. Most people have even told her to leave the ponies to the kids but that she argued that if it gives her pleasure, then why would she give it up?

Elaine got her first ponies during Christmas when she was just six years old. They were called Butterscotch and Blossom. Back then she was also into Cindy dolls but gave them up in favor of My Little Pony. She said she loves the variety in the ponies.

Unfortunately, she lost all her collections from when she was young but it doesn’t matter anymore because Elaine now has a better and bigger collection.

There was an instance when Elaine got so obsessed with spending on her collection that she did not notice she had already amassed a debt worth ₤1,500. Luckily, she was able to pay for it but she now keeps a strict budget of ₤200 per month.

Elaine is one of the millions of My Little Pony fans who express their love of the franchise by collecting different merchandise like My Little Pony hoodies, pajamas, toys, figurines and other items.