Why Settle For A Serviced Apartment In Sukhumvit

Bangkok has always been popular among tourists and people from all around the world come here to enjoy their vacation or do business trips. This beautiful city is a fine mixture of modernization and traditional values. Its unique and attractive culture has always been a centre of attraction among travellers. Here you will find exquisite restaurants serving high class foods and street stalls to buy souvenirs to take home. Bangkok is a city that attracts millions of tourists.

To make a great experience of traveling to Bangkok, you need the right accommodation. That’s exactly the point when you consider a serviced apartment in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. People who plan to stay longer in this city will opt for these apartments rather than in hotels. The reason behind this is its affordability and the privacy it offers guests.

A serviced apartment in Sukhumvit will have all the facilities and services needed to make guests feel at home. There are world-class hotels that can provide a centre of attraction for many tourists. For instance, some Sukhumvit hotels are well-known for receiving its appreciation from customers. Most of its occupants are businessmen who like to do great deals in the hotel. There are also serviced apartments in the region where tourists can also be accommodated at a very affordable price and excellent customer service.

If you like to stay nearby the riverside, the Royal Orchid hotel will definitely suit your needs. It’s one of the famous hotels in Bangkok, with a reasonably high price per night. The venue has a distinctive feature than what other hotels have. It may sound overwhelming if you consider the price range at $108 per night, but you’re here for a wonderful vacation and this should not bother you.

Baiyoke Boutique hotel is renowned for its excellent decoration, unique style and outstanding customer facilities. The hotel is situated at the heart of Pratunam shopping area and close to the Baiyoke sky hotel, where it features the best accommodation. Taken as a whole, you will find that in these hotels are lovely serviced apartment in Sukhumvit that you will love the most. You’ll remember that it has outstanding facilities and fabulous services, that you’ll want to come back and see more of this magnificent city.