What The Millennial Couple Prefers For Their Engagement Jewellery

Years ago, diamonds were a women’s best friend but it seems to have lost its sparkle for the millennial generation. Young couples are now eschewing long standing tradition of diamond engagement rings. They now prefer colourful stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphire for engagement jewellery.

During an interview with The Telegraph, Experts said more and more millennial couples gravitate towards non-traditional engagement rings due to ethical, financial and expressive reasons. People of marrying age prioritize other important things like weddings, homes and the cost of having kids instead of spending a fortune on expensive jewellery.

According to Anusha Couttigane, senior analyst at Kantar Retail, there is still a market for the solitaire diamond rings but the market for cheaper colourful stones is growing. Based on the research of Allianz, the typical spending amount for engagement jewellery has become less that what it used to be. Usually, men would spend at least 3 months of their salary for an engagement ring; nowadays, the average spend is £537 in the UK. Instead of investing on a rock, couples prefer to save money for real estate investment or go on a vacation.

According to Anna Flower of Gemsfields, preference for colourful stones is not actually a new trend. Some couples have shown their preference for colourful stones throughout history for the uniqueness factor. There are meanings and connotations behind each of the stones.

Emerald represents hope while rubies represent passion, prosperity and protection. More recently, Gemsfield has reported an upsurge in the demand for coloured stones particularly rubies because it is a rare gem. Besides that, ruby is red, the colour of love.

Colourful stones are more affordable and fashionable. Some women prefer their rings to be unusual – like unique setting with a combination of rainbow-like stones. Others prefer their birthstones or a ring that is reflective of their love story.

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