Vaccine For Ebola Shipped To West Africa

Finally, a cure for the deadly Ebola virus has been shipped to West Africa last week. The vaccine was created by GlaxoSmithKline alongside with the National Health Institute and other companies dedicated to find a cure for the lethal virus.

Merck and NewLink are also on the process of developing a new vaccine and are set to be tested next. The news of the shipment of vaccine to West Africa is a great development for the team of humanitarians and doctors who are working round the clock to experiment on the possible cure of the Ebola virus.

Vaccine trials

For the past months, there were already several vaccine trials conducted by the companies Merck and NewLink. However, the dosage had side effects on the vaccine’s recipient. The volunteers in the experiment experienced momentary mild joint pains. Scientists pushed further with the development of vaccines saying that the side effect is not an immense issue. The vaccine composition could be adjusted to eliminate the side effect of the vaccine.

On the other hand, the GSK trial was a more successful one. It did not have the same side effect with the Merck and NewLink trials.

Currently, there are a number of companies in the US and in Russia that are testing vaccines for Ebola.

The shipment of the vaccine will be used for the hundreds of patients in Liberia. Authorities are targeting to carry out the plan by last week of January. However, they still need to iron out issues with the FDA to proceed with large scale shipment and vaccination to victims.

Ebola virus outbreak

Since the virus took West Africa unaware, it already killed at least 6,000 people. When precautionary measures were not yet rigidly implemented, the virus was said to be carried in international flights. Thankfully, it was contained and the virus did not spread. West Africa however continues to suffer.

The Ebola virus was first acquired by a 2 year old boy from Guinea. Those living in the village said that the boy may have gotten the virus from eating the meat of monkeys or squirrels. From this little boy, the virus was contracted to his family, then to his village until there was an uncontrollable outbreak of the deadly virus.