US And Israel Relationship In Jeopardy

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to go to Washington this spring to address the US Congress. President Barack Obama and several US officials were unaware of this decision which caught them off guard.

Blindsiding the US presidential group was not a good move for Netanyahu which could only escalate the tension between the two parties.

Announcement of the meeting

The office of House Speaker John Boehner made the announcement of the visit of Israel’s Prime Minister. This pronouncement came after President Obama and PM Netanyahu made several phone communications regarding policies and ties between the two countries. Secretary State John Kerry and Israeli ambassador also conducted several lengthy meetings prior to the announcement. However, no word regarding the visit was brought up in the phone calls and meetings. This infuriated more the White House.

Sour relationship between US and Israel

The relationship of the US and Israel has been rocky and a major contributing factor to the tension was Israel’s aggressive campaign of sanctions against Iran. Netanyahu is known for his iron fist ruling and he is pushing some policies that will leave Iran with a big blow and one that will perhaps incapacitate the Middle East nation. The Prime Minister defended that the necessary means to gain back peace and eradicate threats from the Middle East have to be done. The White House on the other hand sees this move of the Prime Minister to be very extreme. Negotiations with Iran are underway and if the country will honor the list of sanctions and policies presented, there is no need to proceed with harsh extreme measures, a member of the White House suggests.

It is expected that Netanyahu will make a speech in Congress, convincing the body to take on his side in exercising tougher sanctions against Iran.

The threat of world wide security

Ever since Iran was discovered to have been secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons, the news brought about threat to every nation in the globe. Country leaders convened and gave sanctions to Iran. One could only hope that successful dialogues between the nations will happen and that they will honor whatever is agreed upon.