Unique Medals From Shredders And Moulders

Ever heard of a recycled medal? Or medals made from recycled materials? This is what Danone has given to a national football competition. Danone, a global food company, provided a different spin on the competition by churning out medals using recycled materials.

The English regional finals of the ESFA Danone Nations Cup involved more than 1700 schoolchildren. This aims for the enjoyment of the kids in playing football and this time, to learn more about the process of recycling plastic. This year, Danone handed out one-of-a-kind recycled plastic medals to the kids in a school sporting event. Danone also showed the pupils a plastic shredder machine and a moulding machine.

As part of this new initiative, the “Healthy Habits Recycling Lab” project was launched by Danone to educate the children and their families. This Lab will also be brought to the ESFA Danone Nations Cup National Finals on May 20 at Bet365 Stadium in Stoke City.

To get this going, the company commissioned a recycling bin which is shaped as an XXL football trophy and two machines to be able to demonstrate the recycling process: a plastic shredder machine and a moulding machine.

The kids were then asked to collect plastic water bottles, into the trophy bin the bottles go where they will be crushed by the shredder into little flakes. Then the kids were shown the different items that can be done with the recycled PET, one of which are football shirts. Then the moulding machine with a bespoke mould was used to turn the materials into the recycled medals that they distributed to the kids.

Danone’s PR and Event Manager Marie Wendling stated that they were quite excited about introducing something new to the children and much more thrilled when they saw the reaction that the kids had to this initiative. The kids and the families’ curiosity showed that they were willing to learn more.

This initiative involving a plastic shredder machine, a moulding machine, and the recycling process was also supported by ECOUP, a recycling association. They were happy to take part in this activity and the interest that was shown by the participants. As they said, this initiative is an exciting way to show the recycling journey.