Tips On How To Create Team Building Challenges

There are different team building challenges that employees can undertake during the event but the focus must always be on teamwork and collaboration. Team building teaches employees that teamwork makes it easier to complete a project; hopefully, what they learned from the challenge will encourage them to take the job to the next level.

Aside from teamwork, participants enjoy bonding moments that generate camaraderie. Last week, the ASAE team enjoyed time out of the office to bond with colleagues at the Washington National games. Team building comes in different forms like food and drinks enjoyed outside the office or a competitive strategy that requires smart collaboration. What is important to be able to bring teams together so that they can communicate and understand each other better.

For example, according to Carol Bobke, Chapter Executive of Financial Planning Association of Orange County, her favouriteteam-building event is the sunset harbour cruise in Newport Beach Harbour. The participants had to stay on the boat for the whole duration of the cruise so that they can mingle, laugh and enjoy the amazing surroundings. There were no discussions about work and no was caught using the mobile phone.

It is typical for team building events to have teams competing against others. The game shows “Family Feud” or “Minute to Win it” can be re-created with teams made up from participants in different departments. The highest score wins awards and prizes. The challenge certainly works because it creates communication and trust among the team members.

Another team building activity is the Escape Room where a team works towards a common goal of figuring out the challenge. Team members try to address and overcome the challenge and escape before the time runs out. This is similar to the project that has a deadline wherein employees have to work as to team to complete the project according to schedule.

There are many different types of team building challenges whether for a large corporation or a small business that has a very busy staff. The focus of the challenge must be on teamwork, creativity and communication so that those who are competitive can compete and the creative to have the opportunity to shine.