Things To Consider For Marquee Hire In Melbourne

Having a party means thinking about a lot of things to ensure that everything will run smoothly on the day of the event. There are a lot of things to prepare such as tables and chairs, cutlery, drink dispensers, food and catering service and if you are going to have the party outdoor, you would need a marquee to shelter your guests. You can find a lot of marquee hire in Melbourne over the internet.All you have to do is consider a few things in order to get the right marquee at a reasonable price.

Consider your guest number

First, consider how many people you intend to invite. The size of the marquee that you should rent must be able to accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite. For lower number of guests, you can hire a marquee with a size of 4x3m while you can rent one with 10x18m for a bigger crowd.

Marquee style

If you have already an idea on the size of marquee hire in Melbourne, the next thing to consider is the style of the tent. There are different types of marquees. There are tents that are suitable for formal occasions such as wedding celebrationsor anniversaries while there are those for less formal special events such as birthdays and family reunions. Conduct a good research to rent the right marquee for your occasion. Consider the type of party that you are going to conduct in renting a tent.

Season or weather

Keep a watch on the season or the projected weather on the day of your event. If the event falls on a summer or sunny season, a marquee with high ceiling would be ideal for more ventilation and air circulation. Choose a marquee hire in Melbourne that can be adjusted in such a way that the sides can be opened during hot weather. The rental fee of party marquees differs depending on the supplier and even on your location. Visit the website of different suppliers to find an affordable and suitable marquee for your event.