The Introduction Of The Amazon Baby Wishlist Programmes In India

Over the past few years, technology has spurred multiple improvements in almost all the fields and walks of life. One of the oft overlooked fields that this has affected is the field of baby care products. Parents are now so spoilt for choice on how to pamper their baby that technological improvements are required to help them choose. Success came for these parents when, on May 5th 2017, Amazon India announced their new Baby Wishlist programme.

This programme, applicable to all customers (Prime or not), allows new parents to create lists of items that they might require for their baby. To assist them in this venture, Amazon India has presented a series of guides and checklists to allow easier selection of the necessary equipment. In addition to this, parents are given the freedom to obtain their selection of items from all the associated categories such as baby cribs, strollers, baby care, baby toys, to name a few.

In addition to these benefits for the Indian mothers and fathers, Amazon is also offering a 10 percent cash back policy in the Amazon Pay Balance, if these parents shop for goods worth more than Rs. 5000 (approximately $78). A special deal can be made for the Amazon Prime Users, who are for eligible for a cash back of 15 percent.

While commemorating the launch, Saurabh Srivastava, Amazon India’s Director of Category Management, said the company has been consistently trying to improve the shopping experience, while working to attain the customer’s needs. The Amazon Baby Wish List Programme will be able to cater to the needs of new and expecting parents. Apart from the blissful shopping experience that the company would like to target for new customers, they would especially like to assist and augment the services provided to new parents. With the careful organizing of the best products from around the world, the company hopes to provide a large pool of items for customers to choose from.

This is certainly a step forward for parents all around, as this makes the job of curating a baby wishlist less time-consuming, and more fun. The next step to look forward to is for Amazon and other companies around the world to adopt similar strategies to aid new parents.