The Importance Of Seeking Professional Help For Eating Disorder

There is a growing awareness for eating disorder and the importance of seeking help to diminish the shame and stigma connected with the irregular eating habit. An eating disorder therapist in private practice in Rockville, Maryland has some major concerns about how anorexia is depicted in the trailer of Netflix’s upcoming movie “To the Bone” and the press that surrounds the movie.

In the Netflix trailer, a plate of food is in front of a girl who is tallying the calorie content of each food item. The creation of the movie has good intentions because it depicts a young girl’s battle with anorexia; however, it has been met with a lot of controversy particularly with eating disorder recovery and the treatment community.

Lily Collins the star of the movie and director Marti Noxon have shared that they have personally struggled to overcome eating disorder in the past and they only want to raise awareness and minimize the shame and secrecy faced by patients. Lily Collins has appeared in press interviews and discussed how she has lost weight for the role in the healthiest way possible with the help of a nutritionist.

However, according to the eating disorder therapist, someone who has had a history of anorexia who is able to lose weight in a healthy way is similar to claiming that an individual who had a history of alcoholism is capable of drinking in a healthy way. This is certainly impossible and an irresponsible message that is shared.

For someone who has struggled with eating disorder, there is no such thing as a purposeful healthy weight loss even if it is the individual’s intention to do it. The problem with the movie is how it depicts someone’s struggle to overcome eating disorder. It can easily become a manual for those who are already challenged with eating disorder.

The best way to overcome eating disorder is to seek the help of eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne who can provide counselling and a client-centred approach to work in collaboration with patients to enhance the quality of their life and wellbeing. They have the specialist skills and training to treat the psychological condition.