The Importance Of Consistent Customer Engagement For Hotels

Travel, tourism and the hospitality sectors all over the world remain as one of the major sources of revenue of countries. It is fair to assume that the hospitality industry will remain as a dominant sector. However, there is little doubt that competition is quite intense in the sector therefore requiring online marketing agency Thailand to create a brand image that encourages trust and conversions.

Marketing for hotels is totally different from marketing for stores that sell consumer goods. This is because both intangible and tangible products have to be sold to consumers. Success becomes dependent on the improvement of marketing services and not by encouraging consumers to buy a product. With the growth of the mobile industry, hotels have to remain connected to engage with consumers.

Since there different platforms where consumers can engage with the brand, it is critical to have a consistent brand identity. Active presence in social media is a very important platform for customer engagement. In emerging markets all over the world, it is expected that 1 billion people will go online. Most customers of the hospitality industry experience the entire guest cycle through their mobile devices. The hospitality industry as well as the travel sector has no choice but to invest in mobile marketing for mobile engagement and retention strategies.

Portals like Trip Advisor and Yelp help consumers in researching and evaluating hospitality brands. There is no question that reviews opinions and recommendations of friends and influencers have become the important determinants’ of sales growth.  In addition to providing stable revenue flow, loyal customers can be encouraged to be the influencers for the brand.

The hospitality industry can leverage on all the tools and technologies provided by online marketing like emails, content marketing and SEO. Most of these marketing tools can create and maintain brand identity and image. New best marketing practice is consistent engagement with customers in addition to providing them with a rare experience that is above and beyond what the competition provides.

However, marketing for the hospitality industry takes time and efforts and a lot of patience; hence the need for online marketing agency Thailand for brand differentiation. Marketing campaigns can be leveraged seamlessly and monitored to ensure continuous growth and further optimization.