TENS Machine Connected To iPhone: A Better Way To Manage Pain

Whether we like it or not, pain is here to stay. In fact, pain is one of the few things in life that managed to survive everything that the world has gone through from potentially life-threatening disasters to two World Wars and even some nuclear and atomic bombings which has killed millions and caused billion Dollars’ worth of damages to property. To begin with, what is pain to be exact? Pain is first and foremost, a feeling that is triggered by the nervous system. It’s usually caused by an intense or damaging stimuli. In short, pain is anything that is hurting our body and causing us to be stressed or even uncomfortable. Now, there is a wide variety of ways in which we can lessen the pain we are feeling every time something inside our body is hurting. For example, one of the commonly-employed method of dealing with pain that is caused by body aches is by consuming painkillers such as paracetamol which one can easily buy over the counter. Or, you can treat yourself to a body massage which relaxes the muscles in your body. Or, if you are feeling techy and you’re too lazy to get out of bed, you can use a TENS machine.

Nowadays, the use of TENS machine has been a popular methods for managing all sorts of body pains that a human being can feel on a daily basis. Last October of 2016, a manufacturer of this machine that is named, “U Gym” has released this portable device which you can simply connect to your iPhone or any iOS device and from there, you can simply control this device while you’re at the comfort of your couch or bed. U-Gym has been said to be able to provide the same level of relief from pain as of what you can experience from different manufacturers. The only difference when choose to use U-Gym is that the device itself is more compact. Its connectivity to iPhone via the Bluetooth technology can enable users to easily control all 4 electrodes from one wire which is actually more comfortable unlike to the conventional ones which requires two cables to be able to control 4 electrodes.