Tax Credits In Southwest Ohio Creates More Than A Thousand Jobs

Good news for both Ohio taxpayers and those looking to begin Ohio application, recent developments made by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority has managed to open jobs in the Southwestern region of Ohio. At least 1,400 openings are expected to come as a result of this recent move, which led to the approval of assistance of four projects.

The four projects, as well as the details of the new openings for the people, whether businessmen, employees, taxpayers, or those looking  to begin Ohio application, who are interested.

  • Deceuninck North America (Monroe)
    • The Ohio Tax Credit Authority recently approved a 1.35%, seven-year Job Creation Tax Credit for this company, which will lead to the company opening up at least 85 full-time positions, plus the retention of 480 jobs, which is expected to generate an additional $4.5M in the annual payroll to add to the current $22.5M. This project has a listed capital investment valued at $2M, according to the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati.Decueninck North America is a company that creates and markets energy-efficient vinyl window and door systems, as well as handling composite applications for the building and construction industry.
  • London Computer System
    • Located in Deerfield Twp. this company received approval for a 1.537%, eight-year JCTCfor a new expansion project. These developments are expected to lead to the opening of 150 full-time positions, as well as the retention of 177 jobs, which is expected to generate an approximate $9M worth of new annual payroll, to add to the retaining $10.5M in the existing payroll. According to REDI Cincinnati, the new expansion represents a $27M capital investment.
    • A company operating in Hamilton County, the approval by the Tax Credit Authority is for a 1.7%, eight-year JCTC. The company specializes in device connectivity via inaudible sound frequencies, and is expected to create 80 new full-time positions, with a resulting increase in annual payroll amounting to $5.6M.
  • Ensemble Health Partners, LLC.
    • The approval of a JCTC for this company is one for a 2.31%, 15-year JCTC which is set to create new 1,100 full-time positions in the company, generating an additional $47.3M in annual payroll. Ensemble Health Partners LLC. is a consultancy firm for those operating hospitals or any other institutions dependant on health systems.