Splurging $1,000 On Chauffeur-Driven Limousine In One Day

There is no doubt that Bellagio Limousines are luxurious but they are designed to provide an ultimate experience. Limos are usually rented by wedding couples to have a fancy car that could transport the wedding party. Transport literally means a way to get from point A to B and an ordinary car will certainly suffice but it is your wedding day and it is the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Besides that, there are people who splurge on chauffeur-driven limousines for ordinary commute.

Bronwyn Bishop was reported to have spent $260,000 in the past 5 years for chauffeur-driven cars, limousines and private vehicles including commonwealth cars that were issued to parliamentarians for specific purposes. In fact, it was also revealed that Bishop spent $1,071 in taxpayer’s money last April 04, 2012 on chauffeur-driven limousines. At this time, Bishop was the opposition spokeswoman on seniors and special minister of state.

Reports also revealed that Bishop booked two commonwealth cars for herself and her staff to attend a performance at the Sydney Theater Company. Commonwealth cars are intended for official purposes only like ferrying politicians between their Canberra residence and parliament house during sitting week. According to guidelines, MP’s should not use the commonwealth cars in their city of residence or in cities where they hold electorate offices; however, they can use the cars if there is an official parliamentary or committee business.

Damien Jones who is Bishop’s spokesman has been reluctant to comment on parliament entitlements but he told News Corp that Bishop has a preference for Royale Limousines, a company that rents out BMW’s because they are allowed to drive in the bus lane and this allowed Bishop to get off more easily than if she were using the commonwealth car.

Recently, there were also reports that Bishop has chartered a luxury aircraft for $6,000 for a 160km trip between Sydney and Nowra in 2014. Due to these revelations, pressure is mounting on Tony Abbott to show leadership on the issue. Meanwhile Bishop has apologized to Australian people for her poor judgment in misusing taxpayer’s money to charter the helicopter; however, she has refused to resign.