Special Type Of Phuket Pineapple Up For Grabs

There are many varieties of pineapple in the world but the ones that guests heard of at a mountain resort in Phuket is a special variety that costs over 15,000 baht. The local strain is currently available for orders and anyone interested should order right away because there are very limited numbers only, nine pineapples to be exact.

The Phuket pineapple is known to locals as the Queen of Andaman Fruits and is popular because of its unique flavour that is quite mellow, the texture is crisp and the aroma is pleasant to the senses.

For the preorder, there will be 109 special pineapples available for buyers but only nine of them will be packaged in a special manner thus the asking price is 15,430 baht for each special pineapple. The remaining 100 pineapples will be sold at 1,543 each thus the province is expecting to have around 450,000 once everything has been sold.

NorraphatPlodthing, the provincial governor, will be the one to personally present the nine special pineapples. He is also the owner of the farm where the particular strain is grown and this is where his residence is located too.

The buyers’ pineapples will be packaged in style and comes with a gold pineapple pendant. Each pendant weighs one baht and will be delivered before the Chinese New Year celebration set in February. The remaining 100 pineapples will be delivered to the buyers at the exact time.

At the beginning of this year, there were 189 special fruit sold and the province was able to gain 300,00 baht before the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The social enterprise, Phuket PracharatRakSamakkhee Co Ltd, is responsible for managing the sales of the pineapple.

In connection with the sale, Mr. Norraphat opened the event called Ong Lai 2018 Po Pi Peng An which means the preorder of the best pineapple of 2018. The event was launched at the city hall.

The fruit has a special meaning for the locals during the Chinese New Year and tourists visiting a mountain resort in Phuket will be able to see the special fruit.