Rookie Mistakes In Home Designing

Decorators especially the rookies need some push and a bottle of encouragement to continue on the journey of house decorating. There are a lot of new home designs available in magazines or in the internet. These designs may lure the rookie player into using it in their homes without minding the other factors should be considered. Having new home designs can be challenging but once the task is done; it can also be very rewarding.

Finding the right new home designs can be achieved through a series of trial and error. Before even taking the first step in your home design journey, keep in mind the following home designing mistakes so you will avoid them.

• Never place a front door that leads to nowhere. Poorly designed homes have front doors that lead to a wall or are placed right next to a bathroom. Do not construct front doors that lead into eerie long stretch of dimly lit hallways. When the guest or house owner opens the front door, he should be greeted with a great view. It could be an inviting, well decorated living room or a window. Like anything else, first impressions always matter.

• Avoid the claustrophobic bathroom. Bathroom is also called the comfort room. It is intended to provide comfort to the users. But when the bathroom is very narrow and has no windows and when you attempt to pee, your knees will be jammed against a toilet paper roll that certainly would not make any sense to calling it the comfort room. A streak of light could make a difference in a gloomy area.

• Avoid constructing bathrooms too close to the dining and kitchen area. When pipes leak and the drainage system in your bathroom malfunctions, the stink that it produces will really throw people off while eating.

• Avoid constructing the kitchen in an area that is away from the family greeting room. In the medieval times, the kitchen was tucked away in a corner, far from the guests and family rooms and was meant to become a utilitarian workplace. However, this is not the trend nowadays. The kitchen has become one of the primary rooms. Ensure that it has good lighting and proper air circulation.