Rodent Hot Spot In The North East Revealed

In postcode NE6 alone there were a total of 425 complaints of rodent spotting which includes the wards of Walker, Byker, Ouseburn, North Heaton, South Heaton, Walkergate and a small portion of South Jesmond. These seven wards have the most complaints in all of north east.

Areas that are covered by postcode NE15 include Newburn, Throckley and Lemington which recorded a total 364 complaints.

It was found out that pest control in Newcastle has work cut out for them. A request was made in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act and the record shows that a total of 1,953 cases in the previous year have been recorded by all pest controllers by Newcastle City Council.

There was one hair-raising video that was submitted by a man showing a group of rodents that are running around StowellStreet which has been dubbed as the Chinatown of Newcastle. The video was taken in a back lane that is full with takeout containers that have been discarded improperly.

According to Newcastle City Council’s spokesperson, this does not come as a surprise to them as rats have always existed all over the country especially in big cities such as Newcastle. There is no sole reason as to why the population of the rodents was increasing because every time there is an outbreak there are a number of factors that can affect the number of rats. When this happens, more sightings are reported by residents who have witnessed the rat’s increasing visibility.

The spokesperson added that in their case, the factors can be constructions in the area that disturbed the natural environment of the rodents, mild winters and food wastes that are not disposed of properly. It is the responsibility of every citizen to throw their waste properly, most especially the food waste. These should be placed inside bags and thrown in bins with covers.

All over Tyne which is located in Gateshead, there are a total of 796 complaints last year and the council has spent about £33,000 in eliminating the pest.

Those who are worried about fees can contact pest control in Newcastle that is under the local authority because they do not charge when it comes to eliminating rodents.