Proposal For Solar Energy Limit To Be Increased

According to an official in the Mumbai government, there is now a policy being made in order to create solar zones wherein investors from private sectors will be able to start their projects for solar energy. Together with this policy is another plan by the government to change the tariff policy a little bit by increasing the solar power limit with which the state is able to acquire.

A statement from Tarun Kapoor, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s joint secretary, revealed that there will be areas specified by the government to be used for solar zones. The difference between solar zones and solar parks is that the private investors will be the one responsible in purchasing the land for the said project.

Of course the government will not stand by and do its part as well for the project including providing information of the available land for purchase, access to transmission links as well as grant faster clearances when it comes to projects involved in the solar zones.

Kapoor said on a statement during Intersolar India, an event for the solar industry to exhibit and hold a conference in Mumbai, that with the help of the solar zones the government will have an idea on how large the project could be set up and how much capacity it will be able to accommodate. It is expected that the plan for the solar plan will be revealed within 30 to 45 days time.

There is also a proposition to increase the purchase limit of the government when it comes to solar power. The previous obligation limit was only set at 3 per cent and the target increase is up to 8 per cent in order to adapt with the added solar capacity.

Kapoor also shared that there is a second phase to the recently launched solar park project. The first phase was comprised of 25 solar parks and it is expected to have a capacity of around 20,000 MW. It is an assumption that the second phase would be of the same capacity.

Multiple developers are responsible in building the solar parks. It was SunEdison who acquired the latest deal to set up a solar park to be located in Andhra Pradesh.

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