Novelty Bars In Sydney Is Not Your Traditional Night Spot

Bar operators in Sydney recognize the fact that it takes more than just alcohol and bar stools to entertain their customers. They have been thinking of new ways in order to put fun back into the night life of their guests.

New bar that has launched at Newtown has a putt-putt theme. According to the CEO of Funlab which is the venue operator, guests will be able to enjoy the cocktail bar, the music along with a mini golf session.

There are nine putt putt holes available inside the bar. The gold sessions can be done while cocktails are being served. They have a list of cocktail on the menu including cucumber collins, kaffir lime margaritas and grapefruit mimosas. For hungry customers, they can try the bao buns with braised pork belly inside, panko prawns and fried chicken which is Szechuan inspired.

Schreiber is of the opinion that they need to introduce more venues that will offer offline motivation and encourage Sydney residents to get out of their home. Many have been contented in staying at home rather than going out at night due to the laws regarding lock-out, dating apps, streaming services as well as the availability of home delivery.

He added that the lockout laws are one of the reasons why people are no longer encouraged to go out at night where usually the party starts to escalate. Many people are not bothering anymore. Putt-putt is only one of the activities that cannot be downloaded on the phone, it can’t be accessed on the internet and home delivery is also not an option.

The Bongo’s Bingo which started only last week was able to attract a lot of customers. In fact, 550 tickets were sold within two minutes. The following event held at the Paddington was also sold out within six minutes.

Bongo’s Bingo is said to be popular among patrons aged between 25 and 40 years old. They admitted that this age range are not the youngsters but the activity encouraged them to go out at night, socialize while drinking on their bar stools and have some fun on the dance floor.