No Recall Yet For Malm Drawers And Dressers In Australia

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Furniture manufacturer Ikea has recalled 29 million chest of drawers and dressers in the United States after the death of the eighth victim. However, a spokesman for Ikea Australia said that no recall launch will be made in Australia. The spokesman further said that the health and safety of children is their priority because they are most important persons in the world.

According to manufacturer’s assembly instructions, Ikea chest of drawers and dressers must be attached to walls for safety. There are anti-tip restraints and instructions on how the furniture can be anchored on walls to eliminate the risks of tipping. According to CEO Lars Petersson, the company wants to increase awareness of the recall campaign for several types of chest of drawers and dressers that can tip easily if they are not properly anchored at a wall.

Last May, a California toddler died after being trapped underneath an Ikea Malm. The incident raised questions whether Ikea has effectively spread word about the recall which they first announced last June 2016. Ikea and federal regulators are requiring immediate action from customers to properly secure their dressers on their walls; otherwise, they can simply return the furniture to the Swedish retailer.

Ikea has made a massive communication campaign through social media, television, print ads and the company website. 13 million people were sent emails regarding the recall. The company made the effort to reach as many customers as possible to avoid fatal accidents.

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