More Indians Staying At A Hotel Near MRT In Sukhumvit

If any of you haven’t visited Thailand recently or at the very least, haven’t heard, the tourism industry that has been one of the reasons why Thailand has gained a tremendous popularity among tourists, is enjoying a surge in the number of tourist arrivals as of late. You see, when the tourism industry in your country is firmly growing, you are able to generate more employment opportunities especially for the locals who are living around the tourist destinations that are being flocked by tourists especially during peak seasons. In addition to this, the tourism industry is also responsible for luring investors to invest their money and build infrastructures and businesses in the said country because when the tourism industry is booming, investors will be lured because if the circulation of money around the areas near the tourist spots is strong, doing business will be good too. Nowadays, Thailand has been receiving a record number of international tourists who are enjoying Thailand’s beauty and services being offered at a hotel near MRT in Sukhumvit District is among the reasons why tourists are continuing to visit Bangkok and other Thai cities more than once.

Earlier this month, the officials of the Tourism Authority of Thailand have announced that Thailand has registered a 15% increase in the number of Indian nationals who visited Thailand during the first half of 2017. This increase can be associated with the mere fact that more and more tourists from India have been able to visit the kingdom thanks to the addition of more direct flights to and from various cities India which started in 2016 when direct flights to and from Kochi have been launched. In addition to this, the tourism officials, along with various service providers from the industry which include a hotel near MRT in Sukhumvit District, have indicated that they are expecting a 14% increase in the revenue generated from these Indian tourists because you have to remember that Indian nationals play an important role in Thailand’s tourism as they are 6th highest in the number of tourists who are arriving to the kingdom on a yearly basis with 30%  of those Indian tourists are from South India.