More Chinese Expected: More Of The Single House To Be Occupied

The success of the tourism industry in any given country depends on a wide variety of factors. For one, the success of any given industry in a country for that matter clearly depends on the amount of support that the said industry is receiving from the national government. For example, the government is helping the construction industry by providing safety standards especially for construction workers who are working in hazardous places. This alone can energize the industry because it proves that the government clearly cares about the safety and the well-being of the workers. Now, there are many ways which the national government of a country can help its tourism industry regardless of its present state and one of those things that the government can provide is better infrastructures such as airports, ports and probably a road that will lead tourists to a resort that has a single house which they can rent during their vacation in that specific tourist destination. Now, for a tourism industry in any given country to prosper on a continuous rate, you have to be able to attract a big number of international tourists who visit your country’s various tourist spots.

Speaking of the tourism industry in Thailand where tourists can enjoy a nice accommodation at a luxury single house which can be rented on several of periods, THAI Smile has announced earlier this month that it has been stepping up its Chinese services and is also boosting more flights to neighbouring countries. In fact, THAI Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways International is scheduled to launch its Phuket-Guangzhou and Phuket-Shanghai routes this coming October with 4 and 7 flights a week respectively. This new development will help meet the estimate of the officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT which is expecting a grand amount of 10 million Chinese tourists who will visit the Kingdom of Thailand during the whole year of 2017. That number by the way, is an increase from last year’s data which only recorded 8 million Chinese tourists who visited various Thai destinations. The airline is also planning to add more routes from Bangkok and other Thai cities.