Melbourne Woman Starts Global Search For Cremation Ring

Turning cremation ashes of loved ones into jewellery is one of the latest trends in the funeral industry nowadays that it is available in many funeral homes. In fact, funeral jewellery in Perth can be requested by those who chose to do cremation. It gives the grieving families a chance to have a part of their deceased loved one wherever they may go.

A woman from Melbourne, Suzie Elphinstone, decided she wants to store some of her sister’s ashes into a ring thus she sent it to a company in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, on the day that her package arrived at the post office, the ring containing her sister’s ashes is nowhere to be found and the parcel is empty. It turns out that the ring she custom made has been stolen.

Suzie decided to turn to Facebook in order to reach more people and hope that the culprit will be one of the readers. She posted that she does not want to lose her sister Erin twice because of the stolen ring incident. She pleaded for any information that might lead her to where the ring is.

Her sister Erin used to be a professional model for v8 Supercars. She was one of the casualties during a car accident that happened on Cockatoo last May.

Suzie said that the feeling of losing her sister is starting to come back after finding out what happened to the ring. She added that it made her feel like losing her twice – once during the accident and the second time is when he found out the ring has been stolen by a complete stranger.

In her post, she asked those reading to keep an eye of they see anything that resembles the ring along with the photo of the jewellery.

She explained that when she got the parcel at the post office, there are already signs of tampering because the brown tape looks like it had been cut off. All she found inside was shredded paper along with the invoice for the cremation ring.

Sending special items such as this from another country was risky thus anyone in Australia thinking to have similar made should check out the funeral homes that cater to funeral jewellery in Perth.