Luxury Resort In Florida Aiming For 5 Star Rating

One of the highlights in Memphis business is now targeting to receive a 5-star rating with either of the two awarding bodies, AAA diamonds or Forbes Travel Guide. The new establishment is a luxury resort hotel located in Destin, Florida that was recently opened to the public.

According to Dunavant Enterprises, they have been working for the best part of 13 years in order to finish The Henderson. The last 2 and a half of which have been dedicated into finishing the beachfront resort which features 170 rooms.

According to the Dunavant Enterprises’ president and chief executive, Bill Dunavant III, it may not be soon but The Henderson aims to get the highest rating that a luxury hotel could ever have awarded by either AAA or Forbes. The rating is dependent on the way that a facility was made and it takes a special interest in the way service is provided.

He emphasized that service is very important in any major resort because it must possess it and practice it. Service is embedded on the culture of the people who are working in the resort.

Salamander Hotels & Spa Resorts is the one designated by Dunavant Enterprises to take control and manage The Henderson. As of writing, the only five-star or diamond establishment in Tennessee is the hotel called The Hermitage located in Nashville. There are no high rated establishments that can be found in both Mississippi and Arkansas.

The hotel of Dunavant covers an area of 250,000 square foot and is considered the finest that is located in Destin. This is also considered to be the best there is when you want a facility located somewhere in Tampa and New Orleans, according to Scott Fischer who is the mayor of Destin. He joined the grand launch last November 17.

The resort, just like a 5-star resort in Hua Hin or anywhere in the world, requires a big investment. For the Dunavant, it was $100 million and they consider the hotel resort their biggest business as of the moment. It was to be remembered that Dunavant Enterprises only started because of Dunavant Jr.’s work as a cotton trader back in 1972.