Line Village Launched In Bangkok

Line, the company that offers text-messaging services has officially announced that they are planning to launch an indoor digital theme park in the capital city of Thailand. They are hoping to use their advantage to the nation due to its popularity. Thailand is the second largest market of Line which follows Japan on the top place. They wanted to lure tourists who are staying in different convenient hotel in Bangkok to try the new theme park.

As for the Line Village Bangkok, it has already started its operation this week. It is a retail store that offers products such as dolls and other merchandise of the same kind. Before the end of this year, they are planning to expand the Line Village and create an amusement complex within a three-story building. The theme park will be featuring virtual reality rides. Aside from Thailand, Line stores are already operating in countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China. If the Line Village theme park pushes through, this will be the first store that comes with an indoor park.

The chief executive of the project, KamapanartWonghongkul, said that they are planning to invest about 500 million baht in the project with the hope that the theme park will be able to gather over 12 million guests every year. Tourism is the highest earning industry in Thailand. Last year, it was able to rake in $71.4 billion.

The reason many are using Line is because of the ability to attach stickers in the messages and the most popular anthropomorphic animal figures of the company are Cony, the rabbit, and Brown, the bear. Visitors will be able to find Line Village within Siam Square. This location has been a favourite hangout for the young people of Thailand because it offers cute fashion and culture. The location also has a Hello Kitty café in the area.

There is a big chance that tourists at convenient hotel in Bangkok might also be using the Line app. It was launched six years ago in Japan though the owner is Korean. Currently, they have over 200 million users all over the globe and Kampanart said that 94 per cent of the mobile phone users in Thailand are using the app.