Lifesaving Skills Of Personnel At A 4-Star Hotel In Patong Being Upgraded

Whether you are traveling to a beach resort for any given purpose, whether it’s for vacation or you’re attending a conference which is fortunately going to be held at a beachfront resort where you get to witness the beautiful sunset, one of the things that you must not overlook is first and foremost, your very own safety. Your safety, not just when you are going to the resort itself but, your safety when you are staying at the resort, is one of the most important things which the resort staff must prioritize all the time because the safety of their guests will determine the satisfaction of the guests themselves. You see, when the guests are feeling that their safety being prioritized by the resort or hotel staff by means of having security personnel making rounds around the premises every now and then, and lifeguards who regularly remind guests not to do certain things for their own safety, the guests will appreciate because you, as the hotel or resort owner, are valuing their safety more than anything. Now, there’s a great number of a 4-star hotel in Patong, Phuket which has been able to provide total vacation satisfaction to their guests. You see, Phuket in general is one of Thailand’s many tourist spots which are normally flocked with international tourists even during the off-peak seasons. That’s one of the reasons why the tourism industry in Thailand is significantly blooming as of late.

Recently, a campaign which aims to raise water safety awareness and train lifeguards according to Australian safety standards, has been launched by the Surf Life Saving Australia or SLSA. SLSA brought in 12 volunteers who will handle various training exercises that will not just enable safety personnel working at a 4-star hotel in Patong for example, acquire new skills in saving someone’s life, but also to raise the awareness that safety especially when doing water activities is a must. Aside from that, the SLSA will also conduct Kid’s Water Safety Training events to furthermore highlight the fact that there’s a greater need for more awareness especially in beach areas that are usually filled with vacationists, both local and foreign.