Latin Women At The Forefront Of Labor Rights Movements

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The Latina Equal Pay Day is a day that is dedicated towards awareness in the workplace including the wage disparities that most Latin women have to face. It is very likely that you are not aware but Latin woman experience the largest wage gap by earning an average of 54 cents for every dollar that a white, non-Latin male makes in America.

Aside from the pay gap, racial discrimination in the workplace occurs against Latin people and people of color with abuses against Latin women because of their gender. Workplace discrimination against Latin people is not new. During the 19th century, the economy of the United States was reliant on Mexican people who were willing to work for less pay. Latin people still face today the history of abuse against migrant farm laborers that subsequently resulted to mistreatment and harassment in the workplace.

According to a Bloomberg report, last October 25, three female Latin engineers filed a lawsuit against Uber because the company does not provide the same pay earned by male employees to female employees. It is therefore not surprising why Latin people are always at the forefront of labor rights and civil rights movement in the United States. Male labor leaders often get the credit but Latin women also became important leaders of some of the most historic victories of the labor movement. Latin women face sexism and racism challenges but their contributions have shaped modern day movements.

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