Kate Moss From Modeling To Design Work

Kate Moss is a British model that made quite a stir in the modeling world for her waif look. Besides being one of the world’s most well-known models, Kate Moss has recently debuted her talent in interior design through a home luxury project in Cotswolds, UK. Kate Moss revamped a five-bedroom barn house with an outdoor pool in collaboration with design company YOO.

Kate Moss is not a stranger to collaboration after having designed for brands like Topshop and Longchamp in the past. This time however, the model is involved with people she knows and trusts because YOO founder, John Hitchcox is a friend and Katie Groves of Grove Interiors is her close advisor. However, don’t get this wrong, because Kate Moss does not usually do interiors for strangers. It is because of the relationship that encouraged Kate Moss to do the major interior design.

The end of result of Kate Moss’ design was eclectic with the glam master bedroom all in white and accented with pink pillows and a mirrored canopy bed. Meanwhile, the living room was done in rich warm colors with olive and dark teal velvet sofas that were specifically handpicked by the model. The décor was a mixture of the 20’s, 60’s and 70’s with the best of everything.

In case buyers forget who designed the house, there were a few photographs of Kate Moss scattered all over the house. The “Barnhouse with Interiors” done by Kate Moss is currently listed for $3.8 million. Judging with this first major project by Kate Moss, she is going to lead the industry again.

The Barnhouse is built in a luxurious second home development with a one-acre plot of private woodland. The Barnhouse matches its natural surroundings with the wide open windows, huge terraces and large outdoor pool area. It is a luxurious haven in the woods that can be a perfect place to escape with family and friends.

ProDecor may not have the magic touch of Kate Moss but they can certainly complete a job to highest standards. Landscaping is also provided to ensure that property looks it very best.