Innovative Helmet To Prevent Electrical Accidents

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The job of electrician is very risky that is why Nguyen Ngoc BaoQuynh and Tran ThiThanhNhan, students of To Huu School in Thua Tien invented the safe distance alerting helmet. In the power sector, occupational accidents are quite common as well as related industries like telecommunications and cable television. Most of the accidents occur when electricians climb poles and have direct contact with wires running electric current.

There are different kinds of protective helmets available in the market for electricians but they simply prevent electrical wires from touching the heads of users. There is also a magnetic field electricity detector that can discover the magnetic field of alternating current but it does not include a loudspeaker to alert safe distance.

The helmet invented by Quynh and Nhan includes the function of protection and feature of providing warning on electrical safety distance. The students started working on the helmet in May 2016 and finished it after 6 months. An electromagnetic induction circuit board was drawn after which they designed and installed electromagnetic circuits.

The production cost of the helmet is quite low because the students used scrap materials including the electric circuits of CRT TV and protective helmets. The operating principle is very simple. A loudspeaker is attached to give a warning at a distance of 50 cm when the helmet moves to a place that is within a certain distance from a magnetic field with alternating current. The ability of the helmet to prevent electrical accidents is quite high and can be developed for commercial purposes.

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