Innovative Classroom Spaces Developed By Chatham County School

For majority of us who are already done with school, we still remember the way our classrooms used to look which is pretty much the same as the set up used by our parents and grandparents when they were still in school. The traditional set up is now starting to change. Geraldine Kirk, an employee of Chatham County Schools, has developed a new classroom space for Career and Technical Education. This is in an attempt to prove that classrooms can be improved further in order to meet the demands of the current student generation and the future as well.

The main objective of the initiative is to create flexible classroom wherein the learning environment’s first priority is to be safe, once and for all. To attain this, the furniture must be moveable but still durable. The tables and chairs must be able to adapt to the needs of the students and teachers that are using them. Kirk said that she wanted the students to feel that they own the classroom and the new furniture is a way they can feel like they own the space. Kirk let go of the traditional classroom desks with chairs attached on them and employed varieties of tables instead. These comes in various heights and different shapes in order to make the room more creative as well as engaging.

Kirk shared that they know there are students that are having a hard time when it comes to sitting still. This is the reason why they use Hokki stools in the rooms in order for the students to wobble while sitting down. This chair is unique and is different from a yoga ball where it has the tendency to shoot out when the person sitting suddenly find themselves off balanced.

When the students were given the chance to visit the showcase classroom called Silk Hope, they immediately grabbed for the Hooki stools and were endorsing them to other students as well. It turns out that majority of the students prefer to sit on these unique chairs rather than the traditional school chairs. As innovation continues, we will see more of classrooms changing to adapt to the newer generations.