Indian Food: Home Cooked Versus Restaurant Made

According to the known television personality as well as recipe book author, Madhur Jaffrey, supermarkets will never be able to surpass those street markets found in India. The famous author has written 30 recipe books and has been sharing recipes with her fans that are local and new to Indian food for around 60 years already.

Madhur Jaffrey shared her beginnings as an author and writer. She told the story of how a publisher went to visit her in her New York place and it was there that he tasted that home-cooked food made by Jaffrey herself. The publisher then suggested that she should write a recipe book of Indian cuisine. With the lack of good Indian restaurants to satisfy the people’s craving for authentic Indian food, the idea was positively received by Jaffrey. Because of the busy schedule and the things she has to attend to, it took her a few years before finishing the first recipe book. When she was done, unfortunately, the interested publisher passed away.

She met another publisher which made her dream come true and published her first recipe book called An Invitation to Indian Cooking last 1973. The sales was very good, she won an award for writing the book and printing is still ongoing up to these days.

According to Jaffrey, the gap separating the Indian restaurant dishes from those home-cooked nowadays are narrower than decades ago. She admitted that home-cooked Indian dishes are incomparable when it comes to the love and care given during the preparation of the food. Furthermore, these dishes are made using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Jaffrey divulged how up to these days she never stopped creating new dishes whenever she is at home and working in her kitchen. She whips up new dishes with whatever ingredients and spices that is available inside the house. Her husband records everything using a phone recorder because she rarely writes things down anymore. If you want to taste Indian dishes that are close to home-cooked meals, try Indian restaurants in Perth