Increasing Number Of Residents Have Stories To Tell About Seeing Rats

If you stay behind a restaurant in the city once the sun has set, there is a big chance that you will be able to witness the oldest and scariest pests that are looking for leftover food in the garbage bins. They are known to be withdrawn creatures that wander mostly during night-time. In the case in the city where their population is alarmingly growing, many have seen them even in the light of day. This is one of the major reasons why many are calling for rodent control in Sydney in order to control their spread which can cause diseases and fear to some residents.

All over the city of Sydney as well as inner suburbs has witnessed rat activities increasing rapidly. This happens to occur simultaneously during a warm winter which does not happen very often. The warm winter is then followed by a summer which has one of the highest temperatures recorded since record keeping started in the year 1858.

According to a spokesperson from the City of Sydney Council, winter time is when the rats are in their most active season when it comes to feeding. It is common for rats to find water source and food in locations that are near their nest or in places where they are already familiar with.

There is still an ongoing debate on the fact that the warmth is the reason why there has been an increase in the number of rats in the city or it is merely a contributing factor that added to the mobility of the current rodents.

The kind of rat that is commonly seen in the city is the brown variety which is known t be imported. They are also popularly called as wharf rat or the sewer rats. They have been sighted in public parks, residential properties as well as place of businesses.

Many of the homeowners and business owners are turning to professionals in rodent control in Sydney in order to seek help in controlling the pests and to avoid spreading bacteria and illnesses.