Illustrated Maps Depicting The History Of York County

A map illustration of the York Country in prints was published in 1932 in celebration of York City Laundry and Dry Cleaners for their 50th anniversary in the business. The map illustration was able to show off the townships but not everything that is currently located in the county can be found such as the boroughs of the modern day. The map illustration also shows off a close-up version of the downtown York during that time.

With the help of the map, one will also be able to see the outline of the Springettsbury Manor grant back in 1722. This is not the same as the ones in 1768 when the boundaries have already settlements and the land has become narrow and long. This land is now owned by the Penns and the ones next in line.

Just below the center states drawing, one will be able to read a scroll that says “Compiled & drawn by Edwin Tunis”. Tunis is not only a popular author but he is also an illustrator. He specializes in depicting the early lives of the Americans in order to be visualized by the younger generation. It was in 1961 when his book entitles Frontier Living: An Illustrated Guide to Pioneer Life in America was published with elaborate illustrations. The book was awarded as the Newberry Honor Book and it also received a number of awards in the children’s literature department.

Tunis is a native of New York but he studied at the Maryland Institute of Art and after which he decided to reside in Baltimore for most of his life.

The map illustrations that he created were able to depict the historical events that occurred in York County. Some may not be as accurate but it majority of it was able to portray history in such charming manner. It comes with good descriptions and others can be used as a basis for more research.

The map illustration can be seen by enthusiasts at the YCHC Library/Archives collections since there are a number of copies left. Another copy was framed to be sold as a donation at the Book Blast event which will be happening soon.

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