How You Can Create Your Own Illustrated Maps

It’s a sense of pride when you invest in illustrated maps like what legendary world-builders Roald Dahl, George R.R. Martin and Tolkien have done to their worlds and characters. The maps can be used in a real world as city guides. If you really want to make maps, here are eight steps to make your own style:

  • Choose your area

For this article, we’ll be using the city of Paris. As what you find on Google Maps, the perimeter of the city has a gorgeous shape, which you can combine with the design. ‘My Maps’ is one tool you can choose to plot your area.

  • Research and collect images

Many of the places you wish to map are those places you aren’t able to visit in real life. You can collect images of all these places and ensure you research properly to provide a better concept of what you need in the map. You can use Google image and Street view to draw the images.

  • Routes and paths

Sketch essential paths and routes. The latest illustrated maps can show the chosen walking paths found in Paris.

  • Draw out the main roads

When sketching an urban map, you can begin with the overall shape of Paris, including its main roads. Sometimes the city will provide a border, or there can be the sea or rivers at times to break up the architecture.

  • Smaller roads and routes

After this step, you can add smaller roads, streams or rivers. You can use various coloursto distinguish the main roads and other areas.

  • Adding interesting sites and places

Now you see the main areas of the map. Begin by adding interesting sites and buildings to your map. You can use Photoshop to draw separately and then drop it on the map.

  • Decoration and foliage

You now have a better view of the main sites and interesting places of Paris. Add enhancements like trees and foliage to the details of your map. Use interesting colours and shapes for the enhancements.

  • Extras and finishing touches

You can finish your map by adding a title and names of inhabitants in the area of your map. Now you have interesting illustrated maps that many will surely love to see.