How To Explore Bangkok And Stay In A Sukhumvit Hotel?


Bangkok is a marvellous city to visit and you’ll want to stay in a Sukhumvit hotel for your accommodation. Here you are ensured that you’ll definitely have a nice time in this vibrant and gorgeous city.

If you want a taste of Bangkok’s cuisine, there are plenty of astonishing restaurants to try and dine. You can try some Thai gourmet cuisine or settle for traditional Thai street food served by street hawkers. You have nothing to worry as the food in street stalls are cooked fresh, right before your eyes and served hot. There’s also authentic Thai food with scrumptious noodle soups and fiery curries served in small restaurants. At night, you get exceptionally cheap food served in lively markets where you can leisurely stroll around. There’s also the best sophisticated restaurants in Bangkok especially on the Silom road if you prefer fine dining.

If you’re a shopaholic and want to buy great stuff to take home, why not visit the Chatuchak weekend market and get to see thousands of stalls offering various items. This is definitely the largest market in Thailand and an ideal place to do some bargaining and haggling. The stalls sell anything from clothes, jewellery, collectibles and reproduction antiques. Try to be there at least early in the morning as it can get hotter later in the day. You can also opt to buy at night. You can also drop by Patpong and see its lively entertainment district which is worth a visit. There’s also the Emporium Shopping Centre in Sukhumvit Road where you can buy all sorts of products. Here you’ll also find great souvenirs that come at reasonable prices to give when you reach your homeland.

You’ll also want to relax through a traditional Thai massage before you get back to your Sukhumvit hotel to rest. The famous temple Wat Pho is the birthplace for Thai massage as it is here where the acclaimed Thai massage training centre flourishes. The massage is so soothing that it can lull you to sleep. You’ll also want to drop by the Lumpini Park where you can watch various people pass by while listening to the hum of traffic in the background.