How Glass Is Used To Blend The Indoors And Outdoors Effortlessly

Glass is a transparent material that is frequently used in homes and offices. You can see glass being used on windows, doors, partitions, splashbacks, balustrades or pool fencing. Glass presents many design opportunities for architects because it is weather resistant and can absorb, refract or transmit light.

In Minneapolis, you can find a home that has made extensive use of glass to effortlessly blend the outdoor and indoor environment. Couple Larry and Cynthia Holtz from Minnesota have never lived in California but their modern glass house in south Minneapolis closely resembles a home in Laurel Canyon or a beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The Holtz residence which was designed by Peterssen/Keller Architecture is a flat-roofed boxy-type dwelling in stark white stucco with a dark stained cellar and black metal accents. Even if you are inside the house, it feels like you are outdoors because of the walls of glass that effortlessly slides open to maximize the view of the lush green landscape. From the windows of the 2nd floor bedroom, the couple can see Lake Calhoun through the treetops.

The couple wanted a design that will blend the indoors and outdoors and will capture the views yet still provide some semblance of privacy. The solution was to create an innovative structure that is composed of three pavilions linked by glass-enclosed sunken gardens. Pavilions 1 and 2 include the side-entry garage and the main floor public living spaces. Pavilion 3 is the site for the 2nd floor master suite that is positioned perpendicularly to project out towards the lake.

Glass spans 30 feet across the north wall that faces the living room, kitchen and dining area. Multiple sliding doors open to a wood deck that runs through the entire length of the home. Aside from glass, the architects also used wood and stone to create a modern and dramatic effect.

When you love drama and class in your home, your best option is to choose the most appropriate glass splashback colours that will complement with the rest of the furniture and décor. There is wide range of colours available to choose from that will fit your taste and personality.