Hotel Marketing Campaigns To Encourage Direct Booking

Many travellers book through third party websites like Expedia and Priceline. These online booking sites charge hefty commissions from hotels but to counter the trend, hoteliers are encouraging travellers to book directly through the hotel website. Big hotel chains like the Marriott and Hilton Hotel have launched marketing campaigns to encourage direct booking.

As part of the promotions of hotel conglomerates, exclusive perks are provided to customers who book directly and not through third-party booking sites. Last year, Hilton Hotel’s “Stop Clicking Around” campaign promised exclusive discounts to room rates for guests who book through their website. The ad also promoted other benefits of direct booking and Hilton’s loyalty program like free Wi-Fi, free room nights and the ability to check-in and choose the room from a digital floor plan using a digital key.

The same time that Hilton was running its biggest marketing campaign, Marriott begun expanding the perks of its loyalty programs. The perks are not offered to guests who book through online travel agencies (OTAs). Some hotels have been heard to say privately that they are reducing the number of room allotments to online travel agencies.

According to Vanessa Sinders, SVP for government affairs for the American Hotel and Lodging Association, when consumers book directly through the hotel’s website, a relationship is immediately established. Hotels can provide services and amenities that cannot be enjoyed when booking through OTAs. Booking directly is the best way for a hotel guest to get what he wants and enjoy the best value that the hotel can provide.

Online travel agencies have grown faster than the US hotel market. OTA bookings have surpassed direct bookings through hotel websites. In their marketing campaigns, both OTAs and hotels claim that they can provide the best service and experience to consumers. In reality, hotels build relationships with their guests but they have to reinvent their portfolio for the future.

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