Healthy Carpet Cleaning In Perth

Carpets surely add beauty, comfort and aesthetic value to your interior. However, carpets can also cause health hazards inside your home or office premises where they are located. Because of this, health experts recommend for a regular carpet cleaning in Perth. According to EPA researches, indoor air is doubly dirty than that of the outdoors. Some of the daily and regular activities indoors such as cooking, cleaning floor and carpets, washing clothes and painting walls could release toxic pollutants. The good news is that there are ways to avoid health hazards related to your carpets. Here are the ways:

Green Label Plus Certification

When you buy a new carpet, look for the Green Plus Certification. The certificate is a guarantee that the carpet passed laboratory tests and standards. It is also a guarantee that the carpet does not emit thirteen known hazardous chemicals. Carpets actually emit toxins from its materials especially during the production process.

Go for organic carpets

There are different types of carpet materials. There are they synthetic type and there are also those that are made of organic materials such as natural fibres. Carpets made of natural materials are preferred by carpet cleaning in Perth as they are easy to clean. The usual materials used in organic carpets include:

  • Sea grass
  • Wool
  • Coconut husk fiber
  • Sisal
  • Hemp
  • Jute
  • Corn stalks and leaves

Of all the organic materials used in carpet making, hemp is the most in demand and widely used as it is proven to be resistant from mildew and moulds. Because of these properties, hemp carpets are suitable for bathroom use and in other areas that are prone to wetness or moisture. Use eco-friendly cleaning materials for carpet maintenance. Vinegar is one of those substances that can effectively remove stains and foul odour.

Chooseprofessional carpet cleaners 

You can always clean your carpet regularly, but once in a while, treat your rich carpets to a professional carpet cleaning in Perth. These professional cleaners can keep your carpets usable for the longest time and at the same time, keep your carpets heathy and safe for you.