Healthcare Technology To Expect In 2018

2017 has been the year of innovation for the healthcare industry with the introduction of Genie support services but 2018 is going to be even better with applications such as artificial intelligence and blockchain entering the industry. Industry experts are expecting more to come in terms of healthcare technology for this year.

Shaun Sutner, a writer, said that the blockchain technology will be tested in real world applications for this year. HER providers will be in a spot where healthcare providers will be asking for more analytics. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, will find its footing this year because it will be utilized by healthcare organization in making medical diagnosis as well as in image recognition.

Blockchain has been branded as hype and fad but this year it will prove everyone wrong because it will come back in the healthcare industry. It will have a long way to go though because health IT systems is as demanding as the clinical healthcare system. 2018 will be a huge test to the technology as it is the hottest topic these days. It will be utilized by the health IT community as protection when exchanging health information.

Blockchain came into the scene after it entered the world of bitcoin. Now, it will be utilized by independent software companies, major vendors and startups. Big brands including Microsoft, Google, Intel and IBM are now developing products using blockchain especially in the healthcare industry. Officials of the federal health IT are campaigning to use the technology.

AI has been used in various applications but yet to make a big impact to the healthcare market. It is employed in robotic process automation as well as natural language processing but healthcare organizations are planning to use AI in more ways.

Center for Connected Medicine together with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center located in Pennsylvania did a survey with the current uses of AI and result includes the following – claims processing, population health, readmission, and clinical decision support.These technologies have brought the healthcare industry into a new light including Genie support services which offers cloud based technology.