Google’s Demand For Mobile-Friendly Websites Affecting Web Design

During a meet up with the folks at PWD or, we had learned a lot of useful information regarding web design and its challenges.

The world of web design is greatly influenced by the way technology progresses. When technology advances or if there are new innovations, web design would have to adapt to keep up. This is probably the reason for the many trends that dominate web design every year. Some trends last longer than most but there are also those who become irrelevant as fast as they were conceived, if not faster.

Right now, the rate of how trends appear and disappear is quite fast. One technological innovation that has greatly affected web design is the creation and conception of mobile devices. Countless of people now access the internet via mobile devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets.

According to the people at PWD, web designers should be focusing more on the local markets because through it, they will be able to provide individualized service to local businesses that would match with their needs and personalities. This has become quite a challenge since people mostly focus on wide coverage that is why they tend to prioritize garnering international clients.

Focusing on one’s local area is more important now that there are various apps wherein people can use to find certain locations and local businesses. Back then, people would use phone books and store signs but now, technology has allowed an easier and more convenient method.

The internet has become a vast marketplace that is full of possibilities and opportunities that is why it is important that a client ranks high in the search engines to further increase the chances of increasing traffic and revenue.

But even with these challenges that web design is currently facing, none can compare to how web design is affected by the demand of mobile-friendly sites made by Google and other internet giants.

Almost everyone has a mobile device that is why it has become relevant to make web design accessible and compatible with mobile devices. It is also important that a web design is responsive to the type of device and the size of the screen the user is using.