Discounts For People Looking For Insurance For Cyber Security

The world has now been living in the Digital Age thanks to the emergence of newer smartphones and the dominance of the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, everything else is just one touch of an icon away whether it’s sharing a recently-taken picture of you and your new toy to your friends at Facebook or, looking for a ride that will take you to the big mall because you’re too lazy to drive around the city. With the continuous evolution of today’s technology, you also need to update your knowledge about the latest security features that you can use to protect your data as well as your identity that are stored in your gadgets. You see, cybercrimes have been on the rise as of late with various sneaky tactics such as malicious emails among others that are being put to use by cyber criminals to steal useful data and use them against you, or use sensitive data to make you pay big amount of money in exchange for “giving” back that the data that they have stolen.  Nowadays, more people looking for insurance are now becoming conscious about their security as well as the security of their data and identity in the forever dangerous cyber world.

Recently, multi-billion Dollars corporation Apple has announced that it’s currently working with Cisco Systems to be able to help businesses, primarily those who are purchasing and using technologies from both companies to provide discounts for cyber-security insurance premiums. According to a blog posted over Cisco’s official website, it was said that the company and Apple were already in the collaboration works with some of the heavyweights in the insurance industry for both parties to be able to offer more robust policies to people looking for insurance especially against cybercrimes.  In addition to this, officials from Cisco had said that the company will create more systems that will provide continuous security monitoring and to give insurers the ability to constantly double-check if the systems are set-up as they are intended to be installed. Recently, Cisco also launched a security application that is specifically made for iPhones to protect users from potential phishing attacks.