Construction Speeds Increase As Builders From Christchurch Take Over In Invercargill

A new trampoline park is being constructed in Invercargill, and construction of these types of parks has always been slow in this part of New Zealand. However, the building contractors have made contact with and employed builders in Christchurch to help speed up the process. The Christchurch builders improvised on the existing structure and used a swing-leg roof lifting system to erect the roof of this trampoline park. The director of this Tuatara Structures, Jordan Frizell, stated that he was excited for being called on for the project and that his team was also enthusiastic about the whole thing. When the roof lift took place, he noticed how happy the community was.

The roof for this trampoline park is a 1500 m squares structure made with a steel frame. It was made on the ground and was required to be moved up to the specified height, as the construction of a roof of this magnificent size when two floors up is a herculean task, and can be extremely dangerous for workers beneath the construction. Due to the apparent dangers of building this roof at a height of 8 metres after the rest of the construction had been made, this team of builders in Christchurch chose to build the roof on the ground before lifting it up.

Mr. Frizell notes that although they may not be the only company in New Zealand to construct and lift roofs, the other companies only perform partial lifting. His company, Tuatara Structures uses large-scale equipment to assist them in the construction process, which no other company does.

This trampoline park is rather large, as it includes one large main trampoline, three other Olympic-sized trampolines and two basketball courts with mini-trampolines, apart from many other things such as a dodge ball court and a foam pit with smaller trampolines.

Initial reports from the construction agency that employed Tuatara Structures stated that this trampoline park would be ready for use by early November, but due to red-taping and a delay in the approval for consent to build the park, the opening date has been pushed back to early December. One thing is for certain though, adventure enthusiasts and athletes will truly enjoy the happiness that this park will provide.