Computer Problems Can Be Blamed For Deaths In Hospitals

If you are one of those guys that do computer repairs in Perth, you might as well be prepared with all your tools to diagnose and fix different computer problems. Many individuals are immediately frustrated when the desktop or laptop suddenly stops working for no reason at all when there is a report that has to be prepared. How much more for a hospital that relies on computer systems?

According to National Health Service (NHS), up to 900 deaths a year can be blamed to computer problems. Most of the computers across NHS are either bad or low quality putting many lives at risk. NHS has computers with systems that are embedded with devices like MRI scanners and dialysis machines. According to Harold Thimbleby, professor of computer science at Swansea University, the computers of NHS are highly susceptible to cyber attacks. This includes the computer that stores patient records.

Professor Thimbleby including his colleague Martyn Thomas, professor of information technology of Gresham College warned that computer problems will cause hundred of deaths among patients. Hospital staffs are overworked and they have other jobs to do. Understanding the computer system and how it works is not part of their job not to mention that they hardly have enough time to spare.

Hundreds of computers are running in NHS from the sterilization unit in the basement to the MRI scanners. Some of the reported disasters in the UK include Piper Alpha with 167 deaths, Ladbroke Grove, the rail crash in Paddington with 31 deaths and the Grenfell file that resulted into 71 deaths. All of these disasters are under public inquiry but nobody has inquired about the safety of hospital software.

An American research has revealed that 8% of deaths in hospitals are due to errors. Professionals are blamed even if a significant proportion of negligence claims are due to bad computer systems.

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