Comic Convention’s FanX Kicks Off With Good Start

Salt Lake City — Salt Lake City’s Mayor Ralph Becker declared January 29 as Salt Lake Comic Con’s Day of Heroes as the city kicks off its FanXperience (FanX), calling it “The Ultimate Fan Celebration.”

FanX 2015 will run from January 29-31 and is currently held at the Salt Palace Convention Center. The main purpose of this event is to give fans a higher level of intimacy regarding the convention and how they interact with the celebrity guests.

Films, TV shows, games and comics have always had a huge impact on today’s society and have provided the best form of entertainment man could get. Shows like The Big Bang Theory to the Game of Thrones as well as blockbuster films have become such a hit and gathered such a huge following that it is only right that people are allowed to express their love of their favorite movies and shows by wearing costumes of their most loved characters.

Comic conventions like this are made mainly for the purpose of gathering the fans of various films and shows and giving them a wonderful time for revelry and merry making as they get to meet numerous celebrities and enjoy fun activities laid out by the organizers. They would also be indulged with various merchandises from different films and shows including movie costumes, plush toys, and other types of clothing.

Celebrities who are expected to make an appearance at the event include some of the casts of Doctor Who, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney and Lauri Holden of The Walking Dead, Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin of The Vampire Diaries, Tom Felton, Christopher Lloyd and Brandon Routh among others.

Mayor Becker had greatly praised the events and is welcoming anyone who has a passion for the culture and arts through games, crafts, comics, TV shows and films.

Bryan Brandenburg, co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, said that their mission is to provide the attendees with “The Ultimate Fan Celebration.”

This is currently the second FanX and the fourth event of Salt Lake Comic Con. Outstanding ticket sales are likely to be sold out by Saturday.