Business As Usual In Thailand In Spite Of The King’s Funeral

Thailand expects a record-breaking 32.4 million visitors this year. With its beautiful beach villas in Koh Tao, Buddhist temples and infamous nightlife entertainment, Thailand has literally become a magnet that attracts visitors from all over the world. Thailand has managed to survive different challenges from more than a decade of political unrest, deadly floods and bombings in popular tourist spots.

The country is now preparing for the lavish funeral of its well-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej but it is business as usual for Thailand’s lucrative tourism industry. Thailand has observed a year-long period of mourning after the death of the beloved King but even if the Thais are in mourning, tourism activities stay normal all over the country. There are no restrictions to tourists and they can continue to enjoy different adventures in Thailand.

However, tourists are reminded that the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha that are located in Bangkok, the capital city, will be closed for most of the month in preparation for the King’s funeral. Nevertheless, there is no dearth for beautiful destinations that a tourist will enjoy. There is always the option of other islands to visit and accommodations like beach villas in Koh Tao where guests will enjoy the beauty of natural wilderness.

Meanwhile, visitors in Thailand are expected to show some sign of respect and to avoid inappropriate behaviour in observance of the solemnity of the occasion. While majority of the Thais will be wearing black for mourning, tourists are not expected to do the same. They can simply stick to respectful clothing while going around the city.

Tourists have an option of going to the more popular islands instead of staying in Bangkok that will be the centre for the cremation activities. Koh Tao is the destination of choice for scuba divers. It is also a backpacker’s paradise with crystal clear waters and stunning mountain views.

Visitors have the option of luxurious beach villas in Koh Tao in an amazing natural setting with a mountain-top view. Each of the villas offers a spacious living area with a large master bedroom where you will feel at home. The ambiance is simply perfect for relaxation.