Break Up Lessons From Celebrities

The rate of divorce or break-ups around the world is rising. Celebrities whom one often hears in news go from one relationship to another. They make it look as if rebounding from a relationship is that easy and that moving on is an easy route.

The Hollywood world was shocked when long time couple Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow broke up. Break-ups among Hollywood A-listers are inevitable as well as with ordinary people. While you cannot control a relationship being ruined, it should not destroy you as an individual and the most important thing is for you to learn from the relationship.

Don’t use bitter words regarding the break up

March of last year, the power couple Gwyneth Paltrow and the Coldplay singer Chris Martin hit the end of the road for their marriage life. The manner in which they handled the media who were on a frenzy regarding their break up was even more impressive. They explained to the media that they have thought about their relationship and came to the conclusion that they love each other very much and that they will have to remain separate. They are hoping that even as they go separate ways, they could still be the ideal parents for their children. The phrases that they released were quite perplexing. Even though the statements were that absurd, the people embraced it and moved on with the issue. That was a cool way to ward off the scrutinizing eyes of the public.

Learn to say that it is over

People in relationships who are not communicating with each other lost the interest in each other’s life. Sometimes, though you feel that the relationship is headed nowhere, you do not admit it; perhaps because you are getting accustomed to having your boyfriend with you all the time. You must know and admit it when it is all over. Do not drag the relationship in a path that both of you hate to trudge. This will only deepen the wound.

On a celebrity note, Piers Morgan, a CNN anchor who had a chat show for the network known as Piers Morgan Live, was expecting for the show to do very well. Sadly his American stint ended after it got CNN’s lowest primetime rating in several years. That was in the year 2012. He defended himself. He should have known to admit that it is over.