Blurring Gender Lines In Fashion Shows

In Prada Fall 2015 Menswear collection, on the seats was a printed manifesto that reads “Gender is a context and context is often gendered.” What do the words mean? According to Miuccia Prada she has long dreamt of combining men and women fashion in one collection and this is what she is showcasing on Prada 2015. Both the male and female models will be walking the runway wearing minimalistic designs but women will still be wearing ribbons, skirts and low-cut dresses while men will be wearing pants.

Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear collection reversed the typical trend of menswear in women fashion by integrating feminine touches both in clothes and styling. The male models have long straight hair with the androgynous and wan, high check-boned look. This is also the general look of the women models in the fashion show. Most of the clothes they will be wearing are slinky tops with pussy bows of all sizes including delicate ribbons and massive fluffy bows. There are also traditional styles that include the Peter Pan collar and red lace.

In Givenchy’s Fall 2015 collection, the women were not the only ones wearing makeup since several of the male models donned full makeup that resembled African masks courtesy of British makeup artist Pat McGrath. Although the male makeup of the men can be considered as terrifying instead of appealing, they share the same delicate hairstyle as the female models of gelled forehead curls.

Both Hailey Dunn and Jourdan Dunn were among the female models that graced the Moschino Fall 2015 Menswear fashion show. Both were scantily clad but no more so than the male models with their bare chests. It is surprising to find female models in swimwear in a menswear fashion collection but designers are blurring the gender lines in their fashion shows.

Many of the 2015 menswear collection has women walking in them and sometimes one cannot help but ask if they are going to reverse their roles with men wearing the ribbons and skirts or if women will be wearing the pants. Would men also walk the runway when it is time to show off the women’s fashion collection?