Beauty In Print

Everywhere there’s beauty. Nature offers a lot of beauty that is worth recreating and worth remembering. It’s no wonder then that there are a lot of artists out there who gets their inspiration from the natural scenes around them.

This is what artist Denise Friesen has been doing, getting inspiration from the surroundings as she usually goes canoeing with her husband to find her artistic inspiration. Friesen has been producing and creating her art since she was still a student some 20 years ago. The small canvas print that she usually does allows her to control the colours that she uses, how much and how she will be applying it. She says an artist can have more or fewer details in the print as she wants it.

However, even with the ease of doing a small canvas print, Friesen has tried dabbled into larger ones. She was not into dragging herself into big large canvas prints but rather she decided to start off with a new technique to capture the beauty of what’s around her. A bigger picture, a bigger piece. This time though it consists of smaller canvas prints to create the bigger picture. The paintings done will be more of the details but the effect is that it would be enlarged.

With the beauty of nature as her inspiration and her goal of letting other people see the beauty that is in nature, she tries to get attention to places that are not usually known and seen. She also tries to focus on areas and places of nature that have certain issues and concerns.

She believes that with the paintings and prints she does, people will take notice and pay close attention to it. If people see the beauty of what these places have to offer, there will be a tendency for the people to have an urge to protect it.

It may be a small canvas print, large ones, using any technique possible, the main goal is still to ensure that everyone sees the beauty that nature has shown while others are hidden. It gives the message no small or big heart and art can resist, and that is to protect what is a beauty.